Some Social Media Users Are Not Convinced About The Authenticity Of Mackerel’s New Relationship


Jamaican social media sensation and musical artist Mackerel goes public with her new relationship but some Instagram users are not convinced of the authenticity.

On June 3, a photo was posted on Mackerel’s Instagram account introducing her new alleged lover by the Instagram name of RT Boss Official. According to his Instagram account, he is an entertainer, spiritual reader and recently turned artist, who is currently promoting his single ‘Global Boom’.

Why aren’t the users convinced?

Some Instagram users mentioned that the relationship is a publicity stunt to keep people talking about both entertainers, some accused RT Boss of “chasing clout” and other users accused RT Boss of already being in a marriage. However, according to the Jamaica Star, he did not wish to address any reports of him being married but in a recently deleted Instagram story on Mackerel’s account that was posted on Tuesday, it was confirmed that RT Boss is married when a fan asked if it was true. Also, when another fan asked what RT Boss’ wife had to say about the situation, Mackerel’s account replied, “she is getting a divorce”.

Despite these users not buying into the relationship. RT Boss said on Instagram video that the relationship is very much real and he sees something special in Mackerel and would like to highlight that to the world.

Ziptocrats, do you think the relationship is real or fake?