Yesterday, Dancehall Queen Spice continued the unique trend of entertainers gifting cars in Jamaica.
In a video posted on her Instagram page, the 37-year-old was seen pranking her sister Fenise Hamilton that she got her only a bag filled with bundles of hair. However, when she discovered that her gift turned out to be a brand-new Honda SUV.
The “So Mi Like It” artist commented “I love you sis , we grew up head and tail sleeping on one bed together, we struggled together, cried together, fight with each other and we sure as hell gonna share our success together HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”
This action follows self-proclaimed princess of dancehall Shenseea, as she bought a car for her friend of 9 years who is like a sister to her. After the video was posted on Instagram early December, the 23-year-old wrote “out of all da friends I have you da only one struggled with me, went hungry with me, gave me ya last when I desperately needed it.”
These ladies have done their sisters well and I hope the love will continue.