Sister of Britney Spears breaks silence Amid Conservatorship Battle


Jamie Lynn Spears has broken her silence, speaking in support of her sister Britney Spears, following the pop star’s explosive testimony, amid her conservatorship battle.

The younger Spears addressed the issue Monday in a series of videos on her Instagram stories, explaining why she had not spoken up until now — in recent days, after her older sister’s court hearing, social media users had been calling for her to speak up, questioning why she had not yet supported her sister.

The former Nickelodeon star said she is “so proud of her for using her voice.”

She stated that she had previously told her famous sibling to request new counsel “many years ago” in a private conservation “between two sisters,” and is proud that she has taken steps in that direction.

In a firm and defensive tone throughout her videos, the actress made clear that she has never used her older sister for her fame or money, and separated herself from the rest of their family.