Should Oliver Samuels Be The Sebastian In The Little Mermaid?


Fans of Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels are calling for him to be Sebastian in the upcoming Live-action Movie for ‘Little Mermaid’.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Oliver uploaded a video reaching out to Disney, requesting to be cast as the anthropomorphic crab.

On the same note of casting, does race and ethnicity really matter when casting for fiction?

There has been backlash on the casting of young American singer Halle Bailey as the star character of Ariel.

Some fans criticized Disney for casting a black actress in the lead role. But according to Disney, Mermaids aren’t one race or another, they aren’t even real.

From the original story written by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson in 1920, Ariel and her friends swim in international waters where all ethnicities gather.

So then, when it comes to films that are based on fiction why does it matter what race, or the ethnicity the actor is?

Ziptocrats what do you think, does race and ethnicity matter when casting for fiction and do you think Oliver should be the next Sebastian?