Shelly-Ann Curran threatens to sue entertainer after ‘investing’ in her career


Artiste Manager and businesswoman Shelly-Ann Curran is threatening to sue Recording Artiste Kim Nain.

Shelly went on social media, where she stated that -quote- “this year no one will walk over me, so someone tell #KimNain to start saving as lawsuits soon, just been busy”. -end quote-.

This, as she’s claiming to have invested a huge sum of money into the artiste’s career, and is receive payment of any sort.

The Zee reached out for a comment and this is what Shelly Curran has to say…

And what does the artiste has to say about Shelly’s remarks?

Well, Kim Nain who released her debut album, entitled “Deal With It”, denies Shelly’s claims that she’s spent an exorbitant amount of money on her, other than her investment in the album project.

She also suggests the Artiste Manager seeks help.

She explains..