Shaggy sets the record straight


Yesterday, (mon) Jamaican superstar Shaggy held a press conference at the Bustamante children’s hospital, to clear the air on reports that surfaced about ”money not being handed over” from the last staging of the biennial concert, Shaggy & Friends.

A number of persons attended the event, including Members of the Shaggy and Friends Foundation, Stakeholders, sponsors and the media.

During the briefing, Shaggy expressed how disheartened he was at the report made by the Sunday Gleaner, that reads: “Busta Still Waiting-Hospital yet to benefit from $100m raised at 2018 Shaggy & Friends Charity Concert”.

First, Shaggy explains why he decided to donate his earnings from The Little Mermaid Live to his foundation, and how he had plans to address the ‘bed situation’ at the children’s hospital.

With regards to the headlines, here’s Shaggy speaking further.

As for the cancellation of the Shaggy & Friends concert, the entertainer says securing a venue along with his busy schedule is to blame