Grammy Award winning reggae artiste Sean Paul, dropped his new album ‘Scorcha’ last Friday and to keep the promotion going he decided to add some spice.

Dutty Paul has launched Scorcha Patties with UK Patty brand, Port Royal. He shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “U want a #SCORCHA??? Come get ‘ em Fresh + Hot!!!”. According to Port Royal’s IG page, the patties are limited edition and can only be purchased from the Scorcha Patties branded Yellow Patty Van.

The ‘Get Busy’ artiste seems to have also launched a Scotch bonnet pepper sauce brand as well called ‘Scorcha’ with Jamaican catering company Tooksie Kay.

During a recent interview with ‘World Music Views’, Paul stated that, “It started as a promo item we did just for the media, but now we thinking about selling it on