Rare Bob Marley Recordings found in basement


Earlier this month, 40-year-old Bob Marley records were unearthed in the basement of a London hotel.

Thought to be water-damaged and irretrievable, the 13 audio tapes were eventually recovered and will be sold at a Liverpool auction at a starting bid of US $17,500.

The cardboard box in which the tapes were discovered was marked “Damaged-do not play,” a fact despite which the age-old gems were able to be safely recovered.

The tapes reportedly contain live audio recordings from Bob Marley & The Wailers’ shows in London and Paris between July 1975 and 1978.

The tracks were recorded on a truck which was refurbished to serve as a mobile studio and was owned by the likes of The Rolling Stones.

Dubbed “Lost Masters,” the tapes are to be auctioned by U.K. auction house Omega Auctions later this month.