Rappers T.I. and Soulja Boy encourage fans to boycott Gucci


T.I. and Soulja Boy are encouraging fans to follow in Spike Lee’s footsteps by boycotting Gucci.

The Atlanta rapper shared a series of Instagram posts Friday night blasting the Italian label low price cialis over its recent blackface scandal.

As previously reported, Gucci caught heat this week for a black sweater design that evoked racist imagery.

The since-discontinued piece was widely criticized for resembling the act of blackface, as its collar had a large mouth opening that was outlined by exaggerated red lips.

Gucci apologized for the sweater and insisted they were “turning this incident into a powerful learning moment.”

T.I. didn’t accept the apology, and vowed to stop buying, wearing, and supporting the label until it learns to “RESPECT OUR DOLLARS & VALUE OUR BUSINESS.”