R.Kelly wants to be released from prison..says his health is ‘declining’


Apparently, R.Kelly hasn’t fared too well since he’s been in jail, as he’s detailed various medical issues he’s experienced since his incarceration in newly surfaced legal documents.

Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg has claimed that his client has not received enough medical treatment in jail, and has said his confinement is “stifling.” Among the issues listed are numbness in his hands, anxiety, and an untreated hernia.

Greenberg has added that he believes R. Kelly is not a flight risk, and that as a result he should be freed from jail as he awaits a verdict from the Chicago and New York judges.

Recently, a bench warrant was issued for R. Kelly after he failed to appear at his Minnesota hearing.

He is facing two charges for engaging in prostitution with someone under 18 and agreeing to hire someone for sexual contact in the state.