Is getting plastic surgery ever a good idea? Well, social media influencer and artiste, Queenie, whose real name is Janese Espeut, decided to share with her 192k followers a picture of her first tummy tuck, which turned out to be a botched procedure.

In a picture she posted on Instagram over the weekend, you can clearly see the deformity from her abdominal surgery. She wrote this caption, “Look at my (cu ugly belly) tummy back then the first tummy tuck when I done my first tummy tuck it went bad don’t bad mind me for my sexiness worked very hard for it #Glad you see God.”

Following her post, several of her followers and fans commended her for being brave for sharing such a vulnerable photo of her body, while others ask her to reveal the doctor and where the procedure took place. Many followers, who had never seen a botched tummy tuck, were shocked.

Queenie has since got corrective surgery to fix the first procedure.

Ziptocrats, would you ever consider getting any plastic surgery?