Prince Marni Returns To Instagram With Brand New Look!


Instagram comedian Prince Marni came back to the public side of Instagram with a brand-new look but his fans do not know how to react.

Prince, who may now be going by the new name of ‘AQG Love’ seems to have done away with the blue dyed hair and with one of Instagram’s most loved characters, Susan. You’ll now see prince rocking golden brown faux locks and dressed almost like a hippie from the 1960’s. In his Instagram bio, he states he’s now an artist from New York city.

While some fans are in support of the changes, some fans are still confused and shocked as to what is happening with Prince. Some fans commented to find out if this is his coping method of him moving on from his ex-girlfriend, Inhalemee. Some fans think he’s lost touch of his sanity and some fans urged him to stop with the music and bring Susan back.

Is this a legit transition or just another character he’s trying to build? We’ll follow this story for more updates.