Prime Minister Andrew Holness pays tribute to Prince Phillip, who died today


Prime Minister Andrew Holness has joined world leaders, in paying tribute, to duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip, who died today (April 9).

The Prince who was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away peacefully this morning, at Windsor Castle, at age 99.

The Prince was the longest-serving consort in British History, and had returned to Windsor Castle on March 16, after spending a month in hospital.

In a twitter post this morning, Prime Minister Holness said, he is saddened by the Prince’s passing.

He says, he was a friend to Jamaica, who supported local efforts aimed at development, especially in education, and had great admiration for Jamaica’s sporting prowess.

Mr. Holness says, he will be remembered for his keen interest in scientific and technological research, and his commitment to the protection of the environment.