Popular Jamaican Lawyer Christopher Townsend Gives 3 Possible Scenarios That Can Come From Vybz Kartel’s Appeal Case


At least one other criminal defense lawyer is suggesting that Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel may be free in two weeks.

In an interview with the Zee on Thursday, defense attorney Christopher Townsend said that there are 3 possible scenarios that may come from the appeal case.

The issue of Kartel’s freedom arose when Fox journalist Lisa Evers shared on Instagram on Tuesday, an update from Kartel’s lawyer, Tom Tavares-Finson.

@vybzkartel murder case appeal “could come anytime within next 2 weeks” says his high powered attorney Tom Tavares-Finson. I called him today for an update. Mr. Tavares-Finson tells me that it’s been about a year since he filed the appeal. The 3 Judge Tribunal in Jamaica which will make the decision on his fate is only in session for 2 more weeks. He is optimistic the ruling will be in Kartel’s favor. If the Tribunal does not issue a ruling by the time they go on summer break, it could be issued anytime after they return in October.
***Tavares-Finson tells me Vybz Kartel was dealing with medical issues but now his health has stabilized. Maybe having so many chart topping hits and the prayers and support of millions of fans around the world is helping his situation.”

According to Evers, Finson said they are optimistic that a decision will be made within 2 weeks or after the summer break in October.