The police are advising patrons who will be attending the Racers’ Grand Prix today (Sat) at the National Stadium that there will be several restrictions.

The public is being reminded that certain items will not be allowed inside the National Stadium.

These items include: firearms, explosives, drugs, offensive weapons, walking stick type umbrellas, flags with sharp poles /sticks, selfie sticks, cigarettes, lighters, glass bottles, frozen water and beverages, large water coolers, aerosol sprays and fire crackers.

The police said concessionaires should provide cups and ice when necessary to facilitate the serving of beverages to patrons, as the serving of beverages in sealed bottles is prohibited.

Failure to adhere to the stipulations outlined in the contracts of concessionaires/vendors will result in sanctions.

Additionally, vendors are being warned that vending will not be tolerated outside designated areas.

Meanwhile, no smoking will be allowed inside the venue and people found in breach may be asked to leave the stadium. Also, the walk ways should be kept clear at all times in cases of emergency.

Also licensed firearm holders are being advised to make alternative arrangements for the safekeeping of their firearms, as no provisions will be made at the venue or at the Stadium Police Station.

Patrons are also being reminded that all individuals entering the stadium will be subject to a search and there will be a no re-entry policy.

Traffic changes are also to be observed.