The Jamaica Constabulary Force has conducted investigations levitra at walmart into a physical altercation between Member of Parliament, George Wright and Businesswoman, Tannisha Singh.

Following an exhaustive investigation and interview process that conformed with law enforcement best practices and involved both parties, it is now clear that the investigation into the alleged incident has come to an end at this time.

This, as a result of the unwillingness of the parties involved and potential witnesses to participate in the investigation, as well as the poor quality of the video alleged to capture the incident.

The police say on the afternoon of April 6 both Singh and Wright made independent reports of a physical altercation that buy cialis online canada day. Ms. Singh made a report to the Anchovy Police, while later that evening Mr. Wright made a report to the Ramble Police. Given the physical state of Singh, the police escorted her to a medical facility to ensure she received treatment.

She was asked to return to the station after treatment in order to give a formal statement. To date, attempts at securing said statement have proven futile. Mr Wright was asked to seek medical attention and return to give a statement, at which time he stated that he was unwilling to do so.