Police Interview Father who Accidentally Shot dead his Teen Son


The father of the teen boy who he mistook for an intruder and shot dead, was interviewed by Police yesterday in the presence of his Lawyer. Dead is 15 year old Raheem Shaw of Hellshire, St. Catherine and of Wolmer’s Boys School.

The man who is a licence firearm holder, is represented by Attorney At Law Peter Champagnie .

The lawyer said the father was released after being questioned and that investigations are continuing.

He added that the Police will be seeking the guidance of the Director of Public Prosecutions on the matter.

Reports are that on Wednesday, about 3am, the man was awaken by his wife who told him that an intruder was in the house. The father went to check and fired several shots.

It was later discovered that his son was the person entering the house. The wounded child was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.