The police are appealing to residents of the Gregory Park community in St. Catherine to partner with them to create a safer community. 

This, in light of the recent surge in crime and violence in the area. In one of the most recent incidents at the weekend, a man’s head was severed in Mexico in the community. 

Head of the St. Catherine South Police, Superintendent Christopher Phillips says, although the police have a key role to play in ensuring safety in the community, cooperation from the residents is also required.

Superintendent Phillips has also sought to assure residents of Gregory Park that he has acknowledged their concerns over the economic impacts of crime in the community. 

Some residents say the criminals have been extorting their small businesses and scaring away customers. The residents added that the economic impact is further compounded by the curfew implemented in the community. 

The curfew which was imposed last Saturday (December 18) has been extended until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. 

According to the residents, it has reduced business hours, which in turn affects their revenue.