Persons advised to avoid Job Lane in Spanish Town, St. Catherine


The police are advising members of the public who use Job Lane in Spanish Town, St. Catherine as part of the evening commute to use alternative routes.

This is as crime scene investigators are processing the scene of a shooting that took place earlier this afternoon. (June 14 2022)

According to Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, viagra for her three people have been confirmed dead in a series of violent shootings in Spanish Town, St Catherine, which are tied to an internal feud in the One Order gang based in the parish.

As gunmen attacked people in the market district, residents, vendors, and shoppers were forced to flee, and businesses were forced to close their doors.

Some locations, such as French and William Streets, Job Lane, and Cumberland Road, have heavy police and military presence.

Residents of Tawes Pen, a nearby community, have barricaded the town’s entrance roadways.

It is also being reported that at about 3:20 p.m., a police officer shot and killed a man in a car near the intersection of William and French streets.

More canadian pharmacy healthcare details to come on this developing story in subsequent newscasts.