Offset says no to Covid19 vaccine


The first batch of coronavirus vaccines will be distributed in the coming days, but
not everyone is eager to take it, Offset says he is not planning on getting vaccinated for COVID-19 because he is skeptical of the vaccine. “I don’t trust it though,” he told TMZ while in Beverly Hills over the weekend. “I just don’t want to be the test dummy.”
The Migos rapper added, “People don’t got what I got, they don’t have the
opportunity, so it ain’t fair, People dying from that”.

In April, Offset’s uncle passed away due to complications from the coronavirus.
Offset urged his followers to follow safety guidelines and wear a mask. “RIP uncle
Jerry!!!!! keep your mask on b/c you do not want to lose your family or friends
thinking it’s a joke!!!” he tweeted.

According to the latest Pew Research Survey, only 42% of Black Americans would consider taking the vaccine, compared to 63% of Hispanics, 61% of White adults, and 83% of English-speaking Asian Americans.