Popular music producer Ainsley Morris more popularly known as “Notnice” has donated $200,000 JMD order no rx cialis to his alma mater St. Catherine High School.

The donation was made on May 30, where a cheque was handed over to Geraldine Palmer-Allen, vice principal of the Spanish Town-based institution. Morris and his business partner Kram Medley, put the donation together to aid students in need.

The proceeds will help four recipients cover the cost of books, school fees, uniforms cialis online pharmacy canada and stationeries. During a recent interview Morris said,

“Yuh know you have some students out there, dem cyaa really afford it. Dem parents cyaa afford it an’ dem actually a do dem work, so we decide to help out four of them. It’s going to be an ongoing thing weh happen every year”.

Morris also encouraged other persons to help and give back once they are in a position to do so, no matter how small it may seem.