Noname Cancels Her Upcoming Album “Factory Baby”


Noname, a Chicago wordsmith and activist, has just put her music career on hold to work on causes she believes are more important.
Noname had been teasing her fans since the release of her poetic offering “Rainforest” in February that her new album Factory Baby was on the way, and that it will arrive in 2021.She added that the album would portray her current state of mind as well as her philanthropic efforts.
However, earlier today, the activist-poet-rapper announced on Instagram that she would no longer be releasing Factory Baby and that she might be done with music for good.
She stated that she is having difficulty finding production that connects with her and that she is having difficulty rekindling the spark that helped her create her previous work, such as Room 25 from 2018 and Telefone from 2016.