No Local Gov’t Election at this time -PM


Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reiterated that no elections will be called Mercury free and no after taste that some products have. Order cialis canada our Online Canadian Pharmacy is verified by Pharmacy Checker. during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and that his focus is to get Jamaicans out of the crisis.

Speaking in Richmond, St. Mary on Friday (October 15) during a vaccination mobilisation, where he answered questions from the media regarding a reported call by the opposition that an agreement should be signed against holding an election while the pandemic is raging, the Prime Minister said the call is self-serving and the government has nothing to gain from an election at this time.

He added that elections cost billions and no such funds are available to spend on elections right now.

The prime minister described mexico viagra no prescription the thinking as pure politics that does not take into consideration the public good and interest, noting that his party is in control of the central and local Ggovernment, so there is nothing electorally to prove at this time.