Nicki Minaj latest episode of “Queen Radio” left some fans wondering if there’s beef stewing between her and Megan Thee Stallion.

The episode, titled ‘Tea Party, featured Nicki spilling the tea about her rap rivals. The rapper singled out a “someone” for allegedly saying she “go to the clinic” after she refused to drink alcohol while trying for a baby.

She didn’t call anyone specific, but the Barbz immediately pointed the finger at Megan Thee Stallion. That’s when one of the Barbz tagged Megan directly about the situation, tweeting,

“@theestallion Nicki Minaj is accusing you of encouraging abortion & child endangerment w/ alcohol. This isn’t something to stay quiet on.”

Meg was quick to clear her name, shutting down the speculation by replying: “LIE.”

Another Twitter user claimed

“No names were mentioned but u were first to respond? Oh baby the shoe fits,” the person posted.

“So this person didn’t mention me?” Megan responded, pointing out that she was responding to a Twitter user who directly addressed the rapper.

“If someone @ you you can respond right or that don’t apply for every user on twitter? If someone directly @ my name …why do they be confused when I reply lol?” she continued in a follow-up post.

“This person … as in the person who pressed the @ button… y’all not this crazy lol,” she added.

As for Nikki and Megan, their relationship things seem to have fizzled out after Minaj was featured on Megan’s 2019 single “Hot Girl Summer.” Fans think Megan’s “WAP” collaboration with Cardi B, Nicki’s mortal nemesis, was the reason.