New Law Puts Clamp on Dog Owners for Attacks

The House of Representatives has passed the Dog’s Liability for Attacks Law.
It was how to get cialis without prescription passed with 17 amendments yesterday (Tues).
The legislation provides protection for citizens against dog attacks, that occur in communities, on the road or when members of security firms use the animals to assist in the management of public spaces.
It follows several vicious attacks on members of the public.
The latest incident occurred on Sunday, when a 5 year old boy was mauled by a pack of five generic cialis india dogs in St. Ann.
The attacks over the years led to the outcry for the 1877 Act to be amended, as it had no provision for criminal sanctions for negligence on the part of persons whose dogs attack or injure members of the public.
The Bill proposes fines ranging from 5 hundred thousand dollars to 3 million dollars, or imprisonment from six months to 15 years.