Mr Lexx took Twitter yesterday to let everyone know that he has decided to get vaccinated.

Mr Lexx has been vocal on social media about covid 19 and the possible ways we can curtail the spread. “There is no easy way out of this pandemic, and that’s just the harsh reality, I wish ppl will just listen”. the artiste said on Twitter. He has even suggested that the country goes on a total lock-down, “Lock di country down for two weeks. Absolutely no gathering. Close the borders. Pass an immediate incentive for minimum wagers for the two weeks”.

Of course, Mr Lexx was sure to keep us all up to date. Earlier today, he shared on Twitter that he will be getting the jab. “Uuuugh… hope this ting dont make me sick. Aww well #takingtheshot”, he captioned the photo. In a follow-up Tweet, he admitted that he “…hates needles”.

Mr Lexx has now joined the likes of Ding Dong, and Cecile who both publicly shared that they have gotten vaccinated.

In a post made to his IG account, Ding Dong said he got vaccinated because “…its the way moving forward to protect myself and my family”. In a lengthy post made to her IG, Cecile said that she has been fully vaccinated since July 2. She admitted that like others, she was reluctant, however, she decided to get inoculated because she didn’t “…see a way forward without it If I’m to look at the big picture”.

Ziptocrats, are you getting vaccinated?