The Zee is reaching out a hand to which is better viagra or cialis Radio and TV personality Fluffy Diva Miss Kitty.

This comes after news that her father passed away yesterday.She shared the news on her instagram yesterday saying “Daddy this was not the news we were hoping for as we thought you would pull through again. I’m heartbroken and numb. You got canada pharmacy viagra the best care and were well taken care of and that gives me some solace during this very sad time.
God know mi feel sick and weak at the same time. I’m still processing what has happened but the tears have not stopped. I ask God for strength and courage for our family. Rest well Daddy
Kindly keep my family in your prayers.”

And a host of entertainers and corporate figures have been expressing their empathy towards the Fluffy diva; co-worker  from the Magnum Kings & Queens series, Skatta Burrell “My condolences to you and the Family Kadeen.”

Digicel Jamaica, for which Miss Kitty is the brand ambassador also said their piece “Your Digicel family mourns with you as we express our deepest order no rx cialis condolences. We pray that you and your family will have added strength throughout this very difficult time, and that you’ll cherish the lifetime memories of your wonderful dad.”

Charley Blacks reassured Miss Kitty that he empathizes with her and she needs to stay strong because no Word can ever explain her emotions right now.

Condolences to you and you family.