Once again, Rapper Meek Mill is taking aim at Record Labels for their exploitative contracts with black artistes.

On Tuesday, Meek took to twitter and implied that record executives are offering young black artistes “slave contracts.”

“Come get wit us you need help fixing ya situation #DC X #ROCNATION it’s literally stealing now we found something we can get rich off!” – he wrote.

It is unclear if he is offering to help out artists in complicated label situations, but it’s definitely an indication that he is seeking to help young musicians with not repeating the same mistakes which so many others have in the past.

Meek founded Dream Chasers Records in 2012, and last year, he announced a relaunch as a joint venture with Roc Nation.

Since then, the Philly rapper has been slowly but surely building his label’s roster.

Upon announcing the deal, JAY-Z said Dream Chasers Records is “way beyond signing artistes and having hot records,” showing Meek’s commitment to helping artists develop over time instead of chasing whoever has a hit record out.