Is Lady Saw coming back in dancehall or is she stepping down from social media ministry?
The former queen of dancehall, Lady Saw was trending on social media on Tuesday after revealing that she will be walking away from her “calling”.
“To all Christians and non-Christians, who’s been coming up against me and my ministry. Congratulations on your viagra no prescriptions mission to take me down. You’ve successfully done so, I’ve decided to walk away from my calling, and will no longer be doing any preaching on any social media platform. May the Lord forgive me.”

Last week Ce’cile who was a guest on Zipcode said she would love to see Lady Saw back in dancehall…

As is expected, social media erupted with reactions to the news.“The queen is back” a user said, while another one said they were disappointed, “Disappointment big big disappointment but then again I cant say im surprise tho.” Another user questioned the post “Did she say she’s turning to dancehall I thought she said she will no longer use social media platforms.”
On Facebook, Hall confirmed, “Yes you got it right. I’m walking away from the ministry.”