Lady Saw ‘No long talking’


Marion Hall, the singer formerly known as Lady Saw dancehall hits and legacy continues as her song, ‘No long talking’ that has been sampled debut at number 4 on the UK singles charts.

Lyrics from the 1996 hit track, have been sampled in the track ‘Ain’t It Different’, a collaboration between British rappers Headie One, AJ Tracey and Stormzy and produced by co-produced by popular British radio disc jock Tom ‘Toddla T’ Bell.

This is the second time that a song sampling ‘No long talking’ has charted in the United Kingdom. In 2000, ‘Bump and grind’ by UK garage production duo M Dubs reached number 59. Lady Saw, was the first-ever Queen of the Dancehall, but she denounced her crown when she got baptised in 2015 and became a minister of the gospel, however her former hits are still a legacy. we reached out to her to ask her how she felt about this, this is what she had to say…