Lady Saw Leaves a Cryptic Facebook Post


Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, left a cryptic message on her Facebook account last night.

The post has many friends and followers trying to decipher what seems to be a puzzle.

The former deejay posted, “I’m about to make some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, which may take me back to a place, where I would never dream of going back, but seems to be heading back there, from this moment on. I know that many will cursed [sic] me out, and said they’ve predicted it, but what can I say. Sometimes, you just don’t have any fight left. Please do not call my phone or send me any emails trying to find out, what’s happening with me, cause not much true love is out there for me, anyway. May God help us all in these times.”

Several fans are speculating that the 54-year-old will make her return to dancehall music; others questioned if it was a cry for attention, while others simply sent out their prayers and encouraged her to stay on the Christian path.