Kid Buu Denies Putting His Hands On Blac Chyna


Hip-hop artist Kid Buu is refuting the claims about him putting his hands on American reality TV star Blac Chyna.

In a recently deleted Instagram post, Kid Buu said,

“I’ma let ya’ll know right now, my mom, raised me better than that. i will never put my hands on a woman. never have I, and never will I… I was raised better than that. in fact, I was raised that if you ever feel like it had to get there with a woman, leave her. dump her. dump her son. don’t you ever put your hands on her. you dump that woman before it ever gets there.”

Buu continued on to blame the media for spreading click-bait articles, which isn’t entirely false.

Buu and Chyna allegedly got into a physical altercation last weekend while they were on vacation in Hawaii. Reports claimed that Chyna came at Buu about cheating, and the subsequent argument got violent. Allegedly, Buu slammed Chyna’s head against the wall several times and choked her.