Kendrick Lamar Performs “Not Like Us” Five Times at Concert


American rapper Kendrick Lamar hosted a star-studded “Pop-Out” concert last night (June 19) for Juneteenth and had Los Angeles vibing to some of his iconic bops.

The concert was to signify a show of unity among the West Coast rap fraternity.

The event was packed with various stars and “friends” such as Dr. Dre, Roddy Rich, Tyer The Creator, Ty Dolla $ign, and other celebs such as Lebron James and Russell Westbrook.

Lamar opened up with his Drake diss track, Euphoria, shortly before 6:30. Prior to this, DJ Hed and Dj Mustard paid tribute to slain rapper Nipsey Hustle.

However, the highlight of the night was the live debut of Kendrick’s hit single “Not Like Us,” which was performed five times, each performance more explosive than the last.

Several videos have surfaced online of stars vibing to “Not Like Us” on stage, including NBA star Russell Westbrook and DJ Mustard, the creator of the beat for “Not Like Us.”.

The concert was announced two weeks ago and was instantly sold out.