Kai Cenat responds to comments about him attending North West’s birthday party


American streamer Kai Cenat has responded to critics who say that he was “being weird” after sharing a photo of him with North West after he attended her 11th birthday party.

According to the streamer, he is North’s favourite streamer. He took a moment earlier today (June 17) to address the comments about his appearance.

Cenat was invited by Kim Kardashian, North’s mother.

In a video of him seated at the back of a limousine, the 22-year-old streamer took to his live to address the “haters.”.

First thing’s first, bro, I’m North’s favourite streamer, bro. So yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me. That was it, literally! So, anybody who’s making it weird, like, that’s the weirdest thing ever,”  Cenat stated.

Cenat also mentioned that countless children enjoy his content, and if he had the chance to meet all of them, he would.