JT of City Girls Denied Early Prison Release



As one-half of Quality Control’s rap duo City Girls, JT helped lift the dynamic duo to stardom.

But right as they were bursting into the mainstream, their ascension hit a roadblock when JT was sent to prison for fraud charges.

Now, it seems that the group must maneuver another obstacle, as it has been reported that JT will not be granted an early release.

Apparently, JT’s legal team filed a motion to have the rapper moved from prison to a halfway house, where she would be able to work on music with her group member Yung Miami.

According to reports, JT was given 108 days good conduct time credit, making it so that she’s served 15.6 months of her original two-year sentence for felony fraud charges.

As a result, her attorneys felt that she exhibited proficient behaviour that would continue if granted permission to live in a supervised facility.

Despite presenting a valid argument, the court’s judge decided to deny the motion.

Instead of accepting JT’s argument and allowing her to transition out of custody, the judge elected to have the Bureau of Prisons decide her fate at a later date.