The Jamaica Constabulary Force has issued a statement following suggestions that rx cialis the Jamaican police caused international recording artiste Popcaan to be detained at an international airport in the United Kingdom.

The JCF ‘s statement said the entertainer was convicted in 2009 in Barbados for possession of marijuana and subsequently deported to Jamaica.

He was again arrested in Barbados in 2011 for Possession of Cocaine.

Arising from those arrests and other intelligence gathered, a no prescription viagra Green Notice was generated by Interpol in relation to him in 2015.

The Notice was then reconfirmed by Interpol in 2018.

A Green Notice provides Interpol members with a warning about a traveler’s potential criminal activities, where the person may be considered a threat to public safety.

Such a notice does not request any specific law enforcement action be taken against the subject. It merely acts as an advisory to local law enforcement that the subject of the notice has been in contact with the law elsewhere.

The JCF said no Stop Order was placed on Popcaan by the Government of Jamaica.

The JCF statement also said travelers may be subjected to Secondary Security Screening at International Airports for a variety of reasons and these reasons fall completely within the purview of the local authorities in those respective jurisdictions.

In the meantime, Members of Popcaan’s team have taken to social media to dispel reports that he was held with drugs in Barbados.

In a number of angry posts, Popcaan’s team members also alluded to legal action being taken against the Jamaican authorities who put out a statement shortly after it became public that the entertainer was detained in the United Kingdom.

Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina Johnson-Smith had denied the Government’s involvement in putting a stop order on the St Thomas native.