Jahmiel Set to Release EP


Recording artiste Jamiel Foster more popularly known as Jahmiel set to release his EP  – entitled “Revamp” – tomorrow. The project consists of levitra kaufen five songs which were all written by Jahmiel.

In a recent press release, Jahmiel said: “Over the past few weeks in Quarantine I’ve realized that many of my fans and persons, in general, are complaining about having to stay inside and the inability to party, go outta road when they want to. But I want people to know to use this time wisely, don’t let this pandemic make you panic. Look within yourself and RESET, REVAMP.

Whether it’s your business, your relationship, or you as a person, a mother, RESET improve, become a better you. Only how we can do that is to make the conscious effort to GO INSIDE- Internally and make the REVAMP.”