Jada Pinkette-Smith Asks Why Are People Still Buying R. Kelly’s Music?


American actress Jada Pinkette-Smith, said she wants to know why American singer R. Kelly’s music sales have spiked since the airing of the Lifetime docu-series, ‘Surviving R. Kelly’.

On Sunday, Jada posted on https://zipfm.net/2021/02/24/prices-levitra/ Instagram a video asking her followers to help her understand why his music would be increasing in popularity.

A Spotify spokesperson confirmed Kelly’s streams increased 16 percent after Lifetime aired part 1 of the documentary on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, according to popular online blog, TMZ, sources close to Kelly say the R&B legend is getting ready to sue everybody who had anything do with this.

Despite not watching any of it, Kelly is allegedly “disgusted” by the series and believes those who participated in it have a “vendetta” against him.