Jada Kingdom celebrated her birthday with a promise ring. This after boyfriend Nas EBK surprised her with the ring on Sunday.


Nas EBK also posted a series of videos sharing the moments with a rather lengthy caption.


Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life. You Said You Never Got Nothing Crazy For Your Bday Or Never Enjoyed It Well Im Here To Change That ! I Always Thought Finding Someone Like You Was A Myth But You Proved Me Wrong , My Love For You Is Unconditional & I Want This Forever Even In The After Life Your Mine Forever ! WE STUCK I PUT THAT RING ON THAT FINGER ILL NEVER PLAY BOUT YOU YK HOW IM COMIN NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES YOU MY BONNIE & IM YOUR CLYDE LOCKED IN 5L ❤️‍🔥💍 STAGE 1 (PROMISE RING ) SO YALL KNOW THE ENGAGEMENT RING GONNA BE SOME SHI.” 


Jada commented by saying

I’m soo in love with you! I really appreciate you & everything you do for me 🥰 You’re literally everything I prayed for! I want you for life & after, US! THAT’S IT!!! best birthday ever! you went crazy papi !!!” 


The “Heavy” singer turns 24 today (Sept 5).