It Seems The ‘Beyhive’ Knows Beyoncé, More Than She Knows Herself. The Homecoming Album Is Here!



On Wednesday, the Beyoncé concert film documentary ‘Homecoming’ was released on Netflix, along with a 40-track live album titled ‘Homecoming’. A live album consists of tracks which are recorded during live guaranteed cheapest cialis performances.

This didn’t come as a surprise to some of Beyoncé’s fans as some of them speculated a secret release of an album when they first heard the announcement of the Netflix feature of Beyoncé. These were some of the comments:

“Why do I feel Beyoncé won’t only drop a documentary?”

“beyonce I know you, I sense an album coming”

“I have a feeling she gon drop an album at the same time as the documentary”

The ‘Beyhive’ fan base surely have proven to be some great fans.

“Homecoming: The Live Album” is a recreation of the concert that became known as Beychella. It breaks the more than two-hour performance into 40 tracks, many of which are packed with multiple musical references and sections of other songs. The album is available for immediate listening on all major music streaming services.