Is Drake Banning Michael Jackson?


Why didn’t Canadian rapper Drake perform his ‘Don’t Matter to Me’  song featuring Michael Jackson at his ‘Assassination Vacation’ concert in England on Sunday?

According to US blog, the rapper’s performance at the Manchester Arena did not include “Don’t Matter to Me”. This is a track from his “Scorpion” album that includes vocals recorded by Jackson in 1983.

Drake had previously performed the song in a concert in the U.S. in Atlanta in November 2018. The November show had the same opening and closing numbers but Sunday’s show did not have the Jackson-sampling song.

Drake did not give any explanation for the omission of the song from his set but this follows the public debate that has been stirred by the airing of the “Leaving Neverland,” documentary on HBO. The explosive documentary alleges that Jackson sexually abused two boys he had befriended.

Ziptocrats, why do you think the song was not performed?