Is American Producer DJ Khaled Upset About Debuting At Number 2 Because His Previous Albums Debuted At Number 1?


Is American producer DJ Khaled upset about debuting at number 2 because his previous albums debuted at number 1?

According to, Khaled stormed into Epic Records with an entourage after receiving news that his album ‘Father of Asahd’ was coming in second. He was reportedly angry and threw a temper tantrum. He also blamed his label for not understanding streaming services and bundle deals.

The second place debut of ‘Father of Asahd’ breaks the roll that DJ Khaled has been on since his previous two albums, 2016’s Major Key and 2017’s Grateful, both debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 when they were released. So could that be the reason he was upset?

Khaled claims that an estimated 100,000 downloads of his album that were sold through a bundle deal with energy supplements, were not included in his sales by Billboard.

At the time, Tyler the Creator took the Number 1 spot with his album IGOR. Currently, DJ Khaled’s album is now at the number 1 spot while IGOR is at number 2.