Intence’s “Yahoo Boyz” Most Streamed Dancehall Song In Jamaica On Spotify In 2021


Intence’s “Yahoo Boyz” dominates dancehall airwaves in Jamaica levitra generico via Spotify in 2021.

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The single, which includes modern-day scenes of people engaging in the practice of “guarding up,” was widely ridiculed for its lyrical content, which sang about lottery scamming.
The song “Yahoo Boyz,” which was released in July, was the only Jamaican song to be ranked sixth in Spotify’s top ten most-played songs in Jamaica in 2021. The other songs are non-Jamaican, with Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More,” featuring SZA, being the most frequently played.

The producer of “Yahoo Boyz” has stated that he hopes to release a mixtape next year.