Intence pays 100k to the man who he used his voice for his new single


Dancehall artiste, Intence recently dropped his new single ‘Shh’ and at the beginning he used the voice of “Preecha” a man from Morant Bay who went viral for a video he made trying to woo the ladies.

Preecha’s video went viral earlier this month, flooding local social media vlog sites and TikTok with persons using his sound, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Intence dropped the video for his new single “Shh” on February 15th using snippets of the viral video as his introduction.

In another video the Morant Bay new social media sensation asked for compensation for the usage of his voice. He then said that he would be thankful if Intence “blessed him” for the feature.

Sure enough Intence paid him 100k, and a video of the Preecha showed up on social media of him counting out the money given to him from the artiste.

He then thanked him for his kind gesture.