Recording artiste Jason Bailey who is more popularly known as ‘I Waata’ has apologized to his long time girlfriend Pretty generic levitra vardenafil Pretty, for all the pain he caused.

In an Instagram post made on Monday the recording artiste said “nuh matter what happen u ago always be fimi mimi an this is not a media thing u deh deh fimi b4 me even have a name…..nuff……….me do an u look over dem an me rate an respect u 1000%,” he wrote. “Mimi knw u feel cut up an hurt but me knw fi sure we can fix this sorry fi bring u down pon d media like this still bby but nah watch r listen d crowd me see bigger Dan we mess up an dem fix back dem life cause NOBODY NUH PERFECT ❤️.”

The apology comes after a photo surfaced on social media of him holding a baby while hugging a woman. This lead to speculations, as the lady in the photo was not his girlfriend ‘Pretty Pretty’.

Just this weekend the couple was head over heels on Instagram, as they celebrated his birthday. Now in less than 24 hours, the controversial image showed up levitra 20mg tablets on blog sites. Dancer and artiste Pretty Pretty has since deleted the content surrounding ‘I Waata’ from her page, she also removed her profile photo.

While implying that no one is perfect in his Instagram post, ‘I Waata’ also urged people not to harass Pretty Pretty online. “Lowe Mimi alone, weh unno a try bring dung di girl fah? A whole heap a unno inna dem situation deh.”

The couple has been together for over 13 years, and he gifted her a ring back in July.