Happy New Car….Best tips for 1st-Time Buyers


Do your research: Learn about different features and options, and how they might affect a car’s price. Also, know the type of car you believe will work best – not necessarily the cheapest, as you may actually end up spending more over time

Set Your Budget Figure out how much money you have to spend. Do you have enough to pay cash upfront? Or do you need a loan?

Don’t Wait Till You Absolutely Need It  If you put yourself in the position where you absolutely have to get  car in order to get to work or fulfill some other obligation, then you’ll have less time to test the options or to compare.

Test, Test Test

Cliché as it sounds, the test drive is still the most reliable way to know if a particular car is not only right for you, but ready for the road. Ideally, you’ll want at least half an hour to get it out and get a proper feel for handling and other traits. Make note of any odd sounds or vibrations and ask as many questions of the dealer as will make you comfortable

There’s always a better price

Its not a universal skill, but if you take note of all features and go in with confidence, you

can almost always get some kind of concession. Ask directly for what you want, take note of the dealer response and work respectfully from there.

Its after you own it that the real work starts

You have to factor in maintenance costs into your purchase decision. Whilst most new car dealers have some sort of maintenance package, you still need to have an idea

Of regular and  periodic tasks that need to be done  to keep the vehicle roadworthy