Grenada’s Opposition critical of registration process, calls for fixed election date


The National Democratic Congress (NDC), Grenada’s main opposition party, has called for a set election date, criticizing the Parliamentary Elections Office’s (PEO) procedures and the government’s plan to allow voters to register for the June 23 general election within a 24-hour window.

According to Dickon Mitchell, the NDC’s leader, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell’s declaration last Saturday night announcing the election date and giving voters only one day to ensure they are registered undermines democracy on the island.

Meanwhile, the NDC underlined its “ongoing concerns with the management of the election process in Grenada, particularly the operation of sub-offices in some constituencies” in an open letter to the Supervisor of Elections, Elvis Morain.

The NDC warned that “if these concerns are not immediately addressed, it will not be possible to hold free and fair elections in the future, because the electoral process will be compromised.