On Tuesday dancehall artiste Govana called out the National Water Commission (NWC) after posting his exorbitant cialis fast utility bill online for the world to see.

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The November 26th bill which is due on the December 17, has a whopping cost of $540,078.61. Along with a picture of the bill, Govana tagged the NWC and the Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA), with the expectation of them shedding some light on the generic levitra prices cost of his bill.

Well, the NWC has responded to the ‘Likkle Bit A Money’ artiste with this comment, “please send us your account details, a contact number, a copy of the bill and your email address via DM, so that our team can investigate this”.

We’ll be following this story to see what the outcome will be.