George Nooks Mercedes-Benz SUV Returned By Police


Donahue Martin, One of Nooks’ attorneys, confirmed that the singer’s luxury SUV
was returned to him on October 28 which was seized when he was arrested on
October 22.
Even though the vehicle was returned, Martin said he and his client still took issue
with the way in which it was seized.

He’s happy to get back his vehicle. But we take issue with the fact that it was taken in the first place because they had no need to take the vehicle. We take issue with a lot of the circumstances of his arrest and subsequent detention,”

The charges stem from an April 2019 incident in which Nooks was at a plaza in the Corporate Area where he allegedly swallowed a substance suspected to have been illegal drugs, then re-arrested on the charge and slapped with an additional charge of perverting the course of justice.