The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has sought to clarify the circumstances surrounding the presence of the police outside the Jamaican High Commission in London due to a protest.

In a statement last evening (Wed), the ministry said it is aware of a voice note being circulated on social media, accusing the Jamaican High Commission in London of calling the police on persons peacefully protesting in front of its office on Tuesday February 4.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry said it has been advised that a small group entered the reception area to deliver a letter to the High Commission about the charter flight scheduled to land in Kingston on February 6.

Emotions were reportedly high, particularly among persons protesting the return of their relatives to Jamaica.

The Ministry said at least two persons became verbally abusive to the staff of the High Commission. As such the staff felt threatened and considered it necessary to have the situation defused by the diplomatic police.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith said, it is possible that the person who circulated the voice note was unaware of the aggression shown to the High Commission staff inside the building and therefore misunderstood the context within which the panic button was pressed. She added that the call was not made in respect of the approximately 30 peaceful protesters present that day exercising their lawful rights outside the High Commission.

She said the Ministry is reassuring the public that, “Jamaican Missions overseas will continue to protect the interests of Jamaicans across the world with dedication and respect.”